Information for Birth Mothers

Are you pregnant and need help?

If you are pregnant or have recently begun parenting, and are searching for information or assistance, we are happy to talk to you and discuss your options.  There are resources that can help you parent, or you can choose to parent by placing your child in a loving family.

Our office works closes with Nightlight Christian Adoptions, but there are Georgia families who are seeking to adopt a child privately if you prefer.  Most adoptions today are open adoptions, with families sending photos and updates regularly to the birth parents, if the birth parents want to receive them.  Some adoptions may involve regular contact between the birth parents and the child.

Adoption today is a mutual process, where the birth mother chooses the adoptive family based on a profile book and even a face to face meeting if she desires.  Birth fathers are also invited to be a part of the process, of course.

Our office can refer you to a counselor who can walk beside you during this tough time.  Adoption is not giving up; it’s making a loving plan for your baby’s future.

Resources – Please check out the information linked below for more guidance!

  • Birth Mom Buds – Providing Support to Birthmoms & Pregnant Women Considering Adoption

Our goal is to provide you with compassionate legal services.