Juli comes from a legal background. Her father, J.T. Wilkes, was Probate Judge of Jackson County from 1972-1992, and her mother, Jacquelyn Wilkes, was the first female lawyer in the Piedmont Judicial Circuit.

In addition to her professional experience with different types of adoption, Juli has had personal experience with international adoption, domestic interstate adoption and foster parenting. These experiences have given Juli a unique perspective on adoption law and the whole experience of adoption – and the trials and emotions an adoptive couple can face. These experiences help her to walk compassionately through the adoption process with adoptive families.

Juli loves to help create families through adoption.

Juli is a Fellow of The Georgia Council of Adoption Lawyers, Inc. (GCAL) and is a Board member of Chosen for Life, Athens.

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NOTE: Attorneys who specialize in adoptions are well versed in adoption law and can advise you clearly and knowledgeably on your particular situation. The best choice is an attorney who works regularly in the adoption field and who attends adoption seminars to stay current on changes in the law, not an attorney who does adoptions as part of a larger practice.